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To support the effort in reducing the harm caused by Covid19, we observe the Government guidelines in deciding which activities to run safely. This means, like others, our events and group programmes are subject to change at short notice.

Our team regularly check their covid status using LF Tests and are all vaccinated in line with guidelines.  Guests are welcome to wear face masks in any of our facilities and we observe a high quality of risk assessment and hygiene, both personal and buildings.  

The effect of isolation is severe for many of our clients and we have continued to distribute aid in the community and offer an appropriate befriending service throughout the pandemic.   We offer a Covid isolation specific project to provide assistance. 

To make contact, please:
A.  message using the form at the end of this page;
B.  message via
C.  email us at
but please be patient as our online service is not available 24 hours and, due to the volume of messages, it may take a short time to receive a reply. 
If you have a mental health crisis or thoughts of suicide, please immediately call the Samaritans on:   116 123  or the First Response/NHS Crisis Team for your local area.
If you have a serious medical emergency or risk to life, please contact 999 for immediate assistance.

Thank you for continuing to support our work.  We wish you, your family and loved ones a safe and healthy journey through this challenging time and look forward to seeing you again soon.

The Wellbeing in Action Team.           

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