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About Blushbaby


Our Blushbaby Department supports babies & children aged 0-12 who find themselves in need for a whole variety of reasons.  As part of our Good Karma Club, we link the community to the people who need them, and act as a safe and trusted go-between to make all the arrangements to get clothing, equipment, educational items, nursery and bedroom items, furniture and sensory items out to babies and children whose wellbeing would be affected without this support. 

How to get help:

1.  Click the link to nominate yourself or someone you know.

2.  We'll get in touch and check any details so we get to know you and find out what would really help

3.  We may have some items immediately in our store - we'll get them to you promptly.

4.  If we don't have the item you need, we raise an appeal to the community and supporters come forward to help...we handle the communication and you don't need to speak or provide your personal details to strangers.

5.  If you need any other emotional support, we'll stay in touch and help where we can, or signpost you to other people.

6. You receive your Good Karma Club membership card and suggestion pack of ways you could pay it forward in your own community in the future*

*We will never pester you to pay it forwards and you are under no obligation to do so. Your Membership will also give you chance to get involved in Club activities, social events and to receive VIP privileges from local businesses.


How it works

Babies do their own thing!  Some arrive early without warning, others arrive just at a time when things are going a little crazy in their new family... house moves, a relationship breakdown, illness or financial difficulties, all make those early days less than the ideal Parenting Magazine stereotype.  And, as babies grow, the parenting thing doesn't come with a crystal ball or instruction manual and there are more than a few times we could all do with a little lucky break. 


Asking for support can feel embarrassing and many parents already feel they're failing their children, but please don't feel this way.  Our team have all been in your shoes at some point.  The Good Karma Club is about receiving help when you need it, and being able to pay it forwards when you are in a better place.  It's about keeping your dignity and not being judged.  


If your child/ren's wellbeing is at risk because of practical issue - just get in touch and we'll try to help as quickly as we can.  Follow the steps in the panel here.




or Telephone:  01626 653069

We do not provide a 24 hour crisis service but please leave a message and we'll call you back as soon as possible.

*Because we try hard to find items that are bespoke to your individual needs and taste, it may sometimes take a little while to find them.  We know how urgent it is to receive items for children quickly and will do our best to help.

PS.  You might also be interested in our Blushbaby Club for younger Mamas.  Friendship, activities, support and looking after your wellbeing.  Visit the Peer support club page for more details.


**All donated items are received by us in good faith and we take care to ensure they are visibly in good, clean condition. However, we take no responsibility for their suitability or efficiency and it is the new owner's responsibility to ensure any safety checks to their own satisfaction.  We cannot take return of items that transpire to be faulty.  Wellbeing in Action do not provide goods, we simply provide a service to match donations with people in need.  

Want to Donate Items?

We are looking for good quality, hygienic items such as:

Premature/tiny baby clothing

Baby & Toddler clothing

School uniform

Nursery equipment

Prams, buggies, car seats, high chairs

Sterilising equipment

Baby Monitor/alarm

Cots, mattresses, bedding & blankets

Bibs & Feeding utensils

Children's bedroom furniture

Books and educational items

Toys & Activities

We also need new, unused items - can you buy any of these?

New Mama hygiene products - sanitary towels, nipple cream, stretch mark cream, pampering products

Baby shampoo, lotion, bath, bottom cream

Nappies - all age groups

Baby bottles & soothers

Towels, blankets & bed sheets

Or please consider making a donation that helps us buy items, pay for transporting them to a family or providing befriending services to offer additional emotional support to parents, babies and children.

Professionals or members of the community wishing to refer a family - please use the 'Get Help' button above or email: or telephone: 01626 368069