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You might find yourself facing the difficult situation of attending Court for things like:

  • Pursuing or defending a debt

  • Dealing with house repossession or eviction

  • A family court matter - divorce, child residence or parental rights or children being taken into care.

  • Giving evidence as a witness or victim

Legal Aid is no longer available for all situations and more people find themselves having to represent themselves without any legal knowledge.  Court Angels help make the task a little easier.


  • See if we can help you negotiate with people who you are locked horns with!  Many matters are resolvable with a fresh set of communication.

  • Help you sort your paperwork and prepare your notes before a Court case

  • Help you to prepare any online forms or documents

  • Explain in clear ways what is meant by any legal terms and what the stage of your court process is at.

  • Give you information about what to expect at Court, some useful tips to help you communicate and stay calm and explanations for what is likely to happen when you go there.

  • For some cases, attend the Court building with you.  We may not always be allowed to come into the Court room, but it can help to have a reassuring person supporting you on the day.

  • We can't give you specific legal advice as we are not qualified experts, but we do have a small bank of legal experts who we can call on to provide free general legal advice on your case so you can make decisions about how to handle your forthcoming appearance or paperwork.

  • We can signpost you to a wide range of services who can advise you on your rights and obligations or provide you with advocacy.

  • Help you deal with other things going on in your life while the legal matters are moving forwards.

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If you have a Court case causing you worry, stress and anxiety, please don't suffer in silence.  It's common to bury your head and maybe not even attend, but the problem simply gets bigger.

We aren't here to judge your circumstances, and you may be surprised how many of us have faced similar situations.  Just one chat or meeting can make you feel like a burden is lifted and help make the task easier.

If this situation is affecting your wellbeing now, simply contact us:

We handle your information in confidence* and will call you back or arrange a meeting.  There is no obligation or cost.​

*Follow this link to read our confidentiality policy  HERE

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