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The Good Karma Club is THE ultimate place to turn when life chucks us lemons!  

All of us have times when we need a little hand and deserve a break. And we all have times when we are in a position to pay it forwards.  The Good Karma Club brings people in need together with the community to make life instantly better.  The way it works is simple:


1.  Think of the things that are making your life pretty miserable, and what would solve it.

2.  Click the relevant bubble!

3.  Fill in the simple online form, or email us, or follow the Messenger link.

4.  Our team get busy finding the items, support and solutions.

5.  Some kind people in the community make it happen

6.  You receive what you need to brighten your day/world/life

7.  When life is easier, you get in touch and find a tiny way to pay it forwards (a little kindness, time... not all things are money!)

Simple huh?

That's joining the Good Karma Club.  Whether you are a contributor or need help now, it's free, no obligations, just kindness.

0-5 Years, Mama & Baby Equipment &



Special Occasion

Wellbeing Body & Soul

Hair, Body
& Soul


DIY, Gardens & Repairs

Household goods


Food & Essentials



It's easy to pay it forward as a Member of the Good Karma Club.  You can...


1. Donate: everything from furniture to clothing, a wedding dress to a baby buggy!


2. Provide services: such as hairdressers, beauticians, electricians, bakers, gardeners and volunteer drivers, 


3. Pay a small cash donation: so we can buy new items like hygiene products, baby bottles, nappies etc.

4. Organise: a fundraiser or social action event of your own


In return you get to enjoy VIP membership treats, events, discounts and privileges in your local area while supporting a local charity - for the people, by the people.

Furniture & Home

Become a

Good Karma Club

Star Donator

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