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Upcoming Events

  • Little Miss Peri Information Event Devon
    Wed, 09 Sep
    South Devon Cricket Club
    09 Sep 2020, 19:00 – 21:30
    South Devon Cricket Club, 6 Marsh Rd, Newton Abbot TQ12 2AR, UK
    Spend an evening in good company, discover the signs & symptoms of peri-menopause, gain insight into managing the symptoms, speak with the experts and meet fabulous women whilst pampering yourself with a massage & receiving your Peri-Survival Bag! Sociable, informative, safe space to share & learn.
  • Wedding & Wellbeing Show 2020
    Thu, 30 Apr
    Dartmoor Lodge
    30 Apr 2020, 19:00 – 21:30
    Dartmoor Lodge, Peartree Cross, Ashburton, Newton Abbot TQ13 7JW, UK
    Inspiring, creative & useful wedding planning wrapped into a warm evening of entertainment and celebrations.

News, Campaigns & Achievments...

Coming Soon...  Our Wellbeing In The Workforce Conference - featuring workshops around managing your career through the menopause, creative solutions to supporting women in the work environment, planning for a mature workforce & starting your dream business.   We're looking for women who would be happy to share their experiences, guest speakers and facilitators of workshops.  Interested? For a no obligation chat, email: and we'll give you a call. 

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Private group facebook page for members to ask questions, voice their hopes & fears, gain advice, support and insight and discover solutions to their physical and mental wellbeing - relevant to their local area but connected to the national network of women in the Little Miss Peri Clubs.


Local peer support clubs - building friendship, access to experts, regaining confidence, exploring issues together and gaining the skills & knowledge to self-care through menopause with a team of women behind you. By women, for women.

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Using the power of numbers and shared knowledge to campaign for change - having a big influence in aspects such as how GP's treat and view women in this phase of life, transforming how employers enabl women to thrive and succeed in their careers, and creating better access to services around HRT, diet, alternative therapies and counselling, so this becomes equitable in all areas.


Opportunities to be ambassadors, develop skills as facilitators, to travel to meet other women around the country, participate in debates, conference and media articles - to become an educator and mentor - paying forward the support to other women in need. Members are pioneers and founders of this generation's own phenomenal movement of strong, beautiful, talented and empowered health women.


Little Miss Peri Club Members also benefit from VIP membership to the Good Karma Club - with social events from gin tasting to spa days, running clubs, club workshops from first aid to hair and make-up, and pamper treat gifts and advance tickets to our annual Wellbeing in Action ball and Awards evening - and loads of fun by paying it forward through our social action projects.  Pushing life's problems aside to make way for the small things that make life worth enjoying.