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Grants & Appeals...

We know there are some things only money can buy. When times are proving tough, and you've tried everything to work it out on your own, turning to help can feel like failing.  We'd prefer you to see it as investing... receiving something to get you on track a little quicker means you will be in a position to spread an act of kindness to another person in need a little sooner!  

We can support you with a range of grants for things like new home start packs, furniture and white goods, or to buy work or school uniform, pay for a travel pass to get you to an interview, a training course to get you back to work or something to help manage your physical or mental health easier.  

A grant isn't a loan - you don't pay it back, it's yours to give you a boost.  There are just two rules:  1.  We don't give out cash.  2.  We must have spoken to you in person as we don't give a grant to a third party on your behalf.  That's it - simple!

What kind of grants?

Grant schemes change all the time.  We try to keep up to date with any opportunities and then match them to your needs.  The best way to find out is to complete our questionnaire.  If you can't manage to fill this online, then send us a message and we'll give you a call to have an informal and friendly chat and we can complete it for you.   Once we know about your situation and what you need a grant for, we can find the best match.

Some grant schemes are dependent on your income.  Others focus on the issues you are dealing with in your life.  Some are only for one type of thing - e.g white goods like washing machines or a fridge.  Some grants help you to pay for living costs like your electricity, gas or to clear rent arrears or debts.  We'll help you to work out which is best.  They can sometimes take a little while to process so it's always best not to sit on it - get in touch right away to give us chance to help you quickly.

Here's a handy link you can check out that tells you some of the many grants out there. If you see something that might fit, let us know and we can help you apply.  If there's nothing, don't worry - get in touch as we may have hidden grants to offer.

Could you be an Angel Investor?

We run our own grant scheme which relies on some super wonderful people who generously donate to change the lives of others.  We call them Angel Investors.  We post anonymous live stories of people currently in need. 


If their story resonates with you, and you'd like to support them personally, you simply click the donate button next to their case and once the funds are received we arrange the solution for your beneficiary. 


If you can't afford to pay for the entire grant, don't worry,  you can pledge any amount and once the total is raised from several angel investors, we'll co-ordinate the grant to the person or family in need. You don't need to publicly reveal your identity - some investors prefer to keep it private.


If we achieve more donations than needed, we'll ask if you are happy for us to use any small additional funds to go towards others in crisis.


We can't share individual names or addresses online, but we guarantee all beneficiaries are local people, checked and assessed by our team, and you will receive a response from them about how your donation has made a difference.  It's personal - we know that, so we keep you in the loop.  Some beneficiaries want to send a personal letter or card about how they are doing, and we can pass this to you to protect your privacy.  


To go to the Appeals area and become an Angel Investor - follow this link: 

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