If we CAN - we DO!

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Wellbeing in Action exist to support people at a time when life throws them lemons...and turning them into lemonade is too hard for one person alone! 


We believe everyone is entitled to good wellbeing - a sense of comfort, contentment and happiness and to live their best life.  Where their opportunity to do so is being harmed, if there is a practical action that can remove the cause, we step to it.   We enable people to reach out, to talk, and, with the power of the community behind them, find solutions that are a game changer for their physical, emotional and mental health.


We don't like the concept of 'giving charity' - it's a bit of a one way street in our minds!  We see it as a transaction of human kindness - between people who all have times they need a little help, and all have times when they are in a position to extend a hand to others.  It is this ability to receive and pay it forwards that maintains dignity, pride and empowers us all regardless of our circumstances today.  


Welcome to our world of changing adversity into opportunity. 

If we can - we do.

What we offer...



We provide online, 1:1, group and peer support through:

  • Counselling & Therapy services - talking it through, advice, signposting, re-training our minds, therapy and habit changing.

  • One to one befriending for people who are struggling, not coping with life, lonely and needing a shoulder to lean on.

  • Peer Support groups - sharing, learning and supporting with people in the same situation as yourself, especially:

    • Perimenopause support for women 35+​

    • Young Mama's peer support club

    • Women's Mental Health Activity Club

    • Veterans Breakfast Clubs

  • Specialist wellbeing sessions and events, especially for women and families.

Emotional Support

Practical Support

Talking is important - it sews the seed of courage.  Doing is vital - it changes our world.  We offer a unique Good Karma Club with a lifelong membership for all, including:

  • Aid distribution - sourcing homewares, furniture, and essential items to ensure everyone has chance to live a quality life

  • Blushbaby - specialist baby equipment and clothing scheme to ensure every tiny human starts life well

  • Good Karma Boutique - not only distributing clothes to those in need, but also working around body image, confidence, self esteem and styling. Helping people rediscover themselves through fashion and body focus while providing everthing from a warm winter coat to a fabulous bridal gown.

  • Court Angels - helping people through the maze of court proceedings, and admin tasks - ensuring they have a fair chance for justice


Social Action

Pulling the community together through common purpose... tackling the issues affecting our wellbeing together through volunteering and pooling our skills and resources.  Creating dignity - opportunities for people to pay it forward after their own experiences.

  • End Loneliness Campaign - activities & events through the year that bring people together, start new friendships, grow respect and prevent people being isolated:

    • Senior Ladies Vintage Tea Dances, facilitated by young volunteers​

    • Lone parent activities like the Superhero picnic

    • All Call Trades - improving homes, gardens and communities through donated time and skills from tradespeople.  Especially tradeswomen working with vulnerable females.

    • Emotion in Design -working alongside women who have fled domestic abuse to renovate and style their new homes, using fabrics, paint and design to explore their emotions in the process of creating a space they feel proud and safe to be in.

    • Elf Express Christmas Gift Distribution - hundreds of gift bags delivered to families in need, nominated by their own community.

    • Peer run activity groups - retrocise keep fit, ladies running clubs... getting the community busy together.



Actions Speak

Making change happen through actions.  Trying new approaches to find solutions to old problems. Proving our capabilities and demonstrating how things can be better. Influencing change by winning hearts and minds of decision makers by highlighting real people, real lives and how we created opportunity out of adversity. 

What We Believe:

1.  Having a bad thing happen to you does not define you as needy, or a victim.

Every human has times of need, even desperation - and every human has times of good fortune when they can contribute.  We all occasionally need to reach out for support and assistance, but we all have capacity at some point to lead and extend a hand to others.  We prefer not to think of this as giving charity, but as making a transaction where we can all pay it forward in some way, at some time.

2.  Words inspire, Actions create change

We understand the power of reaching out with a few faltering words and being listened to.  It's essential to starting a journey, to articulate our thoughts, needs, & experiences.  So we offer a wide range of opportunities for people to do just that - from peer support clubs to one-2-one counselling and online community influencer video-blogs. 

And once that first connection is made, we know the key to really making the changes we want to experience happen is to take action - so we provide a wide range of social action projects that make that possible.

3.  Mind & Body are the ultimate team!

Everything we do is designed to not only create personal and social change, but also to get the mind and body working together, to the same agenda.  Sometimes our mind is dominant - telling us we can't achieve something, even if our body is actually capable.  Sometimes our body finds it can't physically do what our mind would like it to.  Creating wellbeing is about winning hearts & minds and getting both to have desire and capability in equal measure.

4. There is no truth - only perception

We start at your version of reality - not ours.  And no two people are the same or have the same starting point - so our programmes and events don't either.  Each thing we do is bespoke - designed for and with the individual, or community.  Collaboration is powerful!

5.  Act as if!

We don't accept that today's realities have to be forever.  We believe in exploring the impossibilities - even if our ambitions seem high or people shake their heads in disbelief, we own our vision, model it as if it is happening, and take actions that make it get closer. Belief and courage underpin our approach and we help people to adopt that attitude in their own recovery and leadership. 

Good Karma Club Spa.png

Good Karma Club

Membership, Pop-up Community Events & Paying it Forward Club

End Loneliness.jpg

End Loneliness

Social Action Projects tackling loneliness & isolation


All Call Trades

Bringing trades together to offer their skills to those in need

Court Angels Logo.png

Court Angels

Free legal advice & assisted Court preparation for those in need

Screw business as usual.jpg

Enterprise Boost

Supporting businesses to start & excel as mindful employers 


Women's Support

Support & Social Action opportunities for women

Little Miss Peri turquoise.png

Little Miss Peri Club

Information, Peer Support & Therapies through the menopause

Lemon Street white background.png

Lemon Street Spa

Social Enterprise Wellbeing Clinic & Spa for the community

Veterans Action Logo.jpg

Action for Veterans

Combatting low mental health & suicide through social prescribing

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Inspirational community influencers, campaigns & learning online

Young People

Support & social action opportunities for young people


Men's Support

Support & Social Action opportunities for men

6.  If we can - we do

Our core principle!   If we see or hear something that is harming somebody's wellbeing, and we have the skills, knowledge, contacts, opportunity and resources to change even a small part of that equation - we get on and do it.  Collaboration, community, goodwill and trust make that happen.

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