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Clothing, weddings & events

As part of our Good Karma Club, we know wellbeing is about being able to enjoy the milestones in life that many take for granted - to celebrate, bring family together and be joyful.  
Those happy times shouldn't be exclusive to a select few.  Time doesn't wait for a couple facing cancer to save up for their wedding.   There is only one prom date and parents shouldn't have to miss giving their child that experience because they got made redundant right then.  A child's birthday can't wait because Mum suddenly became too ill to rustle up a cake and a gift.  Sadly, also providing a funeral headstone or flowers is beyond reach if you only have £10 for electric left in the bank.
Our special occasion department use their decade of Award Winning Event Planning and special occasion outfitting experience to be a game changer .
We bring big hearted professionals together to make dreams happen - photographers, cake makers, florists, event venue suppliers... and we add in our own specialist occasion wear department with beautiful donated items and experienced consultation services to return self esteem, sense of pride and beauty back to the wearer.


1.  Pop into our Good Karma Unit at Market Walk to see what we have and have a friendly chat.  

2.  Complete a self-referral, or refer someone you know.  Please don't be embarrassed to ask, it is confidential and you'll receive very friendly support.  Here's the link:

3.  Email or message via our facebook page, and we'll give you a call back for a chat before you decide if it's right for you.

4.  If you'd like to donate items:  email: or message us via our Wellbeing in Action Facebook page


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