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Sometimes building people back up takes more than a chat over a cup of tea!  If you live in a home that's damp, cold, with a leaking roof, dangerous electrics, no carpet and making your health suffer - it's damned hard to gather your pride and take care of your wellbeing.  Every day is a battle.  

We've brought together tradespeople from every skill set, many who know what it's like to be at a tough place in life and are keen to pay it forward, and who have each pledged a little of their time each month to fit in a little job here and there that will make a BIG difference to the way someone in need can live their life a little better.


need a job doing?

If you have a DIY job or project that is affecting your health and wellbeing because you can't fix it - maybe due to:

  • severe financial difficulties or poverty,

  • disabled or a carer of someone who is,

  • being elderly and isolated,

  • suffering a debilitating health condition 

  • facing a terminal illness

  • have just gone through a bereavement

  • a veteran or frontline services worker with mental health or PTSD difficulties

  • Escaping domestic violence and starting afresh

  • Facing some other extremely difficult situation in your life, where a little practical help could make a big difference to the quality of your life...




If you have a trade or skill and can spare a small amount of time (even just once a year), and believe in good karma... communities paying it forward together, then we really need your help.

You might be:

  • A self employed builder,  plumber, electrician, heating engineer, gardener, roofer, kitchen fitter, washing machine repairer, oven cleaner, house cleaner, rubbish collector

  • A large construction or building company

  • An architect or planning expert

  • A building equipment supplier, plant hire or material supplier

  • A small business in any other trade - hairdresser, beautician, tattoo or laser therapist, gym owner, cycle repair or car mechanic... no limits!

You don't have to give hours of time, or hundreds of £££'s!  Offer whatever you can, we will deal with the initial client enquiries and you have no commitment to take any job.

How it works:


First, follow the link in box 7 to complete the nomination form.  Provide as much detail as you can to help our panel to assess it quickly


Our panel will check your information and may need to contact you for more details or to arrange an assessment visit


Once we are clear about the situation and kind of task required, we will put your job out to our panel of volunteer trades people


The tradespeople will then contact you to make a professional assessment and agree with you the work they will do BEFORE they start.  


Sometimes there may be a small cost for materials, or the job is much bigger than expected.  The tradesperson will let us know and we will do all we can to see if we can resolve this. 


After the work is done, we'll offer you a Good Karma Pledge and we'll suggest ways you can pay it forwards by passing on a favor or kindness of voluntary action, or making a small donation to the charity.


That's it!  Here's your nomination link:


Young Female Farmer
Click the link without obligation
To receive more information


  •  Free Good Karma Club Membership with privilege discounts, services and events 

  • Free marketing through our social media and publications

  • Become a preferred supplier - first options to tender for paid contracts and referrals to paying clients with a charity recommendation and review page to link your customers to

  • Business support and networking through our enterprise programme

  • Great satisfaction at helping some of the most vulneraable members of the community

  • VIP invitation to our annual award and recognition event

  • Especially good to build a cv and gain confidence if you've been out of work, made redundant or would find volunteering helps your own mental health and wellbeing


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want a job doing, don't need special assistance but just want a great price & support  the charity?

We want to bring the community together, supporting small businesses and trades people, helping vulnerable people to improve their homes for quality of life, and enable everyone to pay their own gratitude forwards - simply by fixing that leaky tap!

If you're looking for a trades person with a big heart, and where booking your job will benefit Wellbeing in Action to do it's charitable work, you can use our Quick Match service.


A.  Visit the Good Karma Club page and join our membership.    CLICK HERE

B.  We'll approve you, and you can log in to the private supplier list to find trades people who offer a Good Karma discount for booking your job with them.  Decent people giving you a great service at a privilege price!

C.  Book your job with confidence - the trades person will donate their time on a volntary basis to someone else who is having a difficult time right now - your leaky tap just made a big difference!

D.  Relax, feel good and use the savings you made to improve your own wellbeing in some way (or get more good karma by making a small donation!)    DONATE HERE

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