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Health Services

People often talk about physical or mental health. At Wellbeing in Action we recognise that they are not independent!  Our bodies are a masterpiece in hormonal signals that control and enable every organ to function.  When the system goes wrong we can experience an array of body and mind malfunctions - and many of these are preventable, or treatable with the right knowledge and opportunity for self-care, along with expert medical support.  

Our chances to enjoy good health can be reduced by things that just aren't fair - poverty preventing good living conditions, poor nutrition and continuous stress, living in an area where there are limited health services or where transport is difficult to get to them, not having access to good education or resources to help us understand and manage our own bodies.  

Our health services are intended to enhance the professional medical support available in the community.  We aim to provide an easy accessible, friendly and informal range of ways to get to ask questions, find information and learn, get basic services without lengthy waiting queues.  We take pressure away from frontline NHS services by preventing health problems escalating (or even starting!), by helping people to know the right route to tackle their symptoms and getting professionals in to meet people at a place and time that is more efficient.  

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