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We believe actions speak loudest, so we draw people together to find solutions to problems and roll our sleeves up to make them happen.  We're busy, creative, resourceful, responsive, inventive and compassionate people and our motto is 'If we can, we do":






 We don't see our role as 'giving charity'.  We know that all people at some time of their life, need to reach out for help and all people, and at some time of their life are in a position to extend a hand to others. This transaction of humanity and kindness, the ability to receive with pride and to give back with joy is what underpins everything we do.


Joining us is like being a member of a very special lifelong 'good karma club' and we hope you'll love the experience.

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Get practical help

Household items, clothing, essentials, Baby Crisis Packs & small grants

Receive emotional support

Befriending, therapy, counselling, help & advice with issues, peer support clubs & someone to talk to

Help with your health

Vaccination clinics, menopause support, preventing cancer, mental health self care & more

Visit the Good Karma Store

Browse the Newton Abbot shop or drop off donations, enjoy being a VIP Member

Come to an event

A year full of fantastic events we'd love you to come along to or lend a hand

Lend some time

We have multiple volunteer roles that would help us keep making a difference

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Opportunities include:
Fundraisers, facilitators, social action leaders, bloggers, vloggers, influencers, trades people, advocates, mentors, befrienders, ambassadors, speakers, educators, counsellors, campaigners, trustees, cake bakers. 


Be part of something positive.

Latest Events.......

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