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Appeals & Angels

Here you'll find our Angel Investor shop... with some regular standard things you can support us by making a cash donation - from just £2.


If you scroll below the 'shop' items, you'll find our current live appeals for individuals and families in crisis.  If you resonate with any of these and wish to 'sponsor' the person in crisis, simply click the link and your donation will be allocated to that case.


Once the total is reached and the person has received their grant/item/support, we will let you know how they are doing.  We will not reveal any personal details or compromise your confidentiality at any time. 


NB.  Please be aware some of the details may be upsetting for some people and could trigger their own feelings of distress.  We've given them titles so you know a little of what to expect before reading.  If you feel concerned and need any support, please get in touch with us.  

Angel Investor Shop

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