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Like most of charities, we rely on the massive generosity, talent and motivation of supporters who turn their hand to wild and wonderful activities - from the simple coffee and cake morning, to massive sporting events.  We can't thank you all enough. 

We aim for all our fundraising events to also include beneficial outcomes for all, including:

  • Improving physical and mental health through activities that get us moving, using our mind, creating laughter & energy

  • Activities that raise awareness of what it is like to live with poor wellbeing - creating better understanding & support

  • Events that give chance for people to 'pay it forwards'

  • Chance to make new friends, beat isolation and loneliness

  • Opportunities to gain new skills, discover new personal talents and achieve challenges


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What we're getting up to...

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Our events for the Spring/Summer Season are currently postponed due to the global pandemic.  Each of the following events will be allocated new dates as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.  Until then, please continue to express interest, or sign up where possible, so we are ready to get straight back into action when we can!

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