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Like most of charities, we rely on the massive generosity, talent and motivation of supporters who turn their hand to wild and wonderful activities - from the simple coffee and cake morning, to massive sporting events.  We can't thank you all enough. 

Our events are sometimes aimed at fundraising, but every event we offer is also designed to reduce loneliness, build confidence and allow people to shine, educate and help people gain knowledge and skills to look after their wellbeing - and create huge uplifting fun and memories to treasure.

What we're getting up to...

Next Upcoming Event:

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Lunch Buddy Club

A warm welcome, two course community lunch, entertainment and friendship

Meno SOS Club

Workshops to help women understand their hormonal journey and get the best care and relief from symptoms

Community Cook

Never cooked or love it like a pro?! Learn to meal prep like a pro, and make meals for people in need in the process.

Model Mates

Men's Club for model creating enthusiasts - airfix, lego or jigsaws... chance to build and social natter.

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To get involved in an event, or create your own to support us, simply contact or visit our Facebook Page to keep up to date with news

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