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Sadly this month we've been consumed with postponements and cancellations due to the global pandemic, but we still have some highlights - and plenty more to come!  

Good Karma Pop up Prom


As the cold, dark nights of February stretched out, our volunteers and supporters were relentless in thinking ahead to this year's school leaver proms.   For many, a time of excitement - planning their evening dress, hair, make-up and creative transport from tractors to fire engines!  Not so, however, for all young people, many who dread the social awkwardness or feel rising stress as they realise their parents are desperately unable to afford the possibility.  

We put out an appeal and more than 150 prom dresses, some brand new with tags from Blush Baby Bridal, others donated by members of the public who dug deep into the recesses of their wardrobes to part with some gorgeous designs.


Meanwhile the WiA Prom Angels got busy assessing the nominations from young people and their families and it wasn't long before we were arranging fittings which gave us chance to get to know the real people behind the stories.  From young people acting as carers for disabled parents, recently suffering a bereavement, to those living with debilitating physical and mental health conditions and living with acute financial disadvantage.  It was an emotional roller coaster without doubt.


Finally, the matching complete and some beaming smiles that made February feel like summer - we were ready to celebrate at our Good Karma Club pop up prom event. 


With generous support from Teignbridge Council and Torbay Designs, we set about converting an empty shop space into a blossom filled, twinkly lit event with incredible music by young guitarist Hayden Warne, a delicious chocolate fountain bar by Vibe Events.  Volunteers helped young people try outfits, shared tips on hair and beauty (thank you Sculptures Hair Design, Amber White & Amber Roughly), & some serious insta-poses were captured perfectly by young photography & videography specialists Samuel Whittington & Balazs Benke.  


What a night!  And the pop up prom shop remained over the weekend, attracting great public support and signing up some new young volunteers to the social action team.  

Fast Forward a month and we are all floored with a virus meaning young people won't have exams, let alone their prom. But we're not a team to be thwarted easily, so we're now planning the Good Karma Club Prom night for Autumn 2020! 


Watch this space for details and tickets.  It's going to be incredible - there are always silver linings! 

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